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One Size Fits All
The model was told to enter the next room and await further instructions. She found out about this job in the newspaper; "Modeling company looking for young lady to test out and model new line of women's lingerie." She was a young girl, probably no older than 19-20, had shoulder length blonde hair, and nice smooth, albeit somewhat pale, skin. The model entered the next room, as she was asked, and saw that the room was farily small; all that was inside was a table on wheels and on that was a small pair of women's underwear.
"Hello?" she calls out. "Is anyone there?" "Greetings." a voice calls to her. The model looks around but sees no one. She looks up and sees a video camera, but nothing more. "Preparing to record for test. We would like you to please try on the pair of underwear we left on the table for you." the voice tells her. The girl goes over and sees the underwear, it's pink and has lace on it. "The door to the dressing room is across you. Also, please leave your clothes off. I
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Mature content
Couple that blows up together :iconinflateboy:inflateboy 118 4
DnD RP style inflation game
So here was the game i came up with, it use a D20 btw (20 sided die)...
the game is a survival/horror theme where u try to get to the end without bursting. u start in a forest (not deep in) and have to travel through it, a swamp, an old abandoned military lab, underground and through a secret lab.
upgrades like tougher clothes/armor are available to resist negative effects or as much inflating.
ur character is a girl with nothing but yoga pants (or shorts up to player prefrence) and a shirt that reveals almost the entire stomach (or an open vest, bra etc)
enemies include (not limited since this is mostly off what i can think of right this moment)
rogue women (hunting u for pleasure)
flying creatures (insect-like)
etc, also traps and "unknown" potions are involved as well.
there are several stages before bursting, the last couple stages are still game over though- they just decide how quickly u pop once ur past the limit.
also, slime expands in th
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Heidi's Evening Inflation by criticalvolume
Mature content
Heidi's Evening Inflation :iconcriticalvolume:criticalvolume 2,395 168
Inflation Olympics Calendar by criticalvolume
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Inflation Olympics Calendar :iconcriticalvolume:criticalvolume 839 49
Accidental Exposure by criticalvolume
Mature content
Accidental Exposure :iconcriticalvolume:criticalvolume 2,218 99
Compressed 8 by LakeHylia
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Compressed 8 :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 573 20
Compressed 7 by LakeHylia
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Compressed 7 :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 558 7
Compressed 6 by LakeHylia
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Compressed 6 :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 690 8
Compressed 5 by LakeHylia
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Compressed 5 :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 769 9
Compressed 4 by LakeHylia
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Compressed 4 :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 686 8
Compressed 3 by LakeHylia
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Compressed 3 :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 573 13
Compressed 2 by LakeHylia
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Compressed 2 :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 984 12
Compressed 1 by LakeHylia
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Compressed 1 :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 724 8
Big Thoughts by LakeHylia
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Big Thoughts :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 933 28
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Hotel Room Blowup :iconpump1131:pump1131 32 2


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